Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Heart Attack Grill

 I listened to a news clip yesterday about a restaurant that advertises that after you eat there, you become a heart attack waiting to happen. The servers are all females dressed in provocative nurse looking uniforms and wearing a stethoscope around their necks. The menu gives you the choice of 4 different "bi-pass burgers", and the fries, cooked in 100% lard are in a self serve all-you-can-eat tray, available with cheese sauce on the side. All the drinks are full diet drinks on the premises. 

The quadruple bi-pass burger is so big that you have to eat it in sections....not cut into 4 quarter sections, but rather layer by layer, because it's about 6 inches high, with 4, one half pound burgers, divided by 8 slices of cheese. One whole tomato and a half an onion are sliced and sandwiched in between the burgers. Total calories: 8000. They listen to your heart rate before leaving and roll you out in a wheel chair.

I was amused by the flat out truth of promising people that the food would put them in the  ground much sooner than later. I was also amazed that people don’t seem to care. If it tastes good and fills you up...actually stuffs you to the brim and then some...well, who cares about the heart attack waiting to happen? Who cares if you get heartburn and indigestion that won’t quit? Who cares if you gain 2 + lbs while sitting there eating 8000 calories? 

Well, I guess if the truth be known, I myself would have gone into that restaurant  a year ago and have thought…mmmm…interesting, lets try it. However, not so today. Being an RN who has worked in the ER and ICU and has seen many a heart attack victim, would not have prevented me from entering an eat-at-your-own-risk establishment. I had the knowledge of the "how bad it is for you and will eventually kill you" cuisine, but in the end, knowledge doesn’t govern us. We need something more subjective than just knowledge, than just mere information. 

We need a vision. Vision changes us. Vision governs us. Vision propells us to the desired goal.


ster said...

That's crazy, 8000 calories.
That ad is sad, it kind of shows how as Americans (im not sure how it is in other countries), we tend to live in a short-sighted fashion. Maybe it's just our need to satisfy our curiosities. Anyway, having a vision is definitely good. :)

Janjan said...

Right...and I believe our speaking (reporting) to others what we have "seen and heard", keeps the vision alive and allows others to participate in the vision as well. My header "Explode the Vision", to me means this: get it out there on a monumental scale...let others know, give them a chance to see for themselves, that their lives and futures could be full and meaningful.