Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maintaining the Vision

I am going to be sharing with you all my progress on a new exercise program I started yesterday. I have a new "live in" personal trainer (my son Jesse), who has joyfully accepted the job of helping me with my continued efforts to be healthy and in good physical shape. 
Yesterday we started out the day with a blended salad made with: broccoli, celery, romaine, carrots, apple and strawberries. We added a tsp of cocoa powder and a little stevia. Also a small amount of flaxseed oil.
Lunch was homemade humus: 1 can white kidney beans, 1 clove garlic, juice from 1 lime, 1 large T. of tahini, all blended together until smooth. This was used for dipping veggies...carrots, celery and red peppers. So yummy!
Dinner was brown rice and barley mixed with gr. turkey and spices with broccoli and celery. 
Interspersed though out the day with healthy chocolate (3 pieces) and lots of water. It was a good beginning. I have another blog to tell you about the exercising :)

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